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At Spencer Law, P.C., we believe the success we have had in our estate litigation practice is directly related to our client relationships and the time and energy we put into each case; it is also related to our competitive nature and our utter disdain for losing. We prepare and fight hard for results, and your case will be no different.

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Our Practice Areas:

Will and Trust Attorney

Will Contests & Estate Administration

In the event that a will does not properly express the true intentions of the decedent, the will can be contested by those interested in the estate based upon lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, fraud or forgery. A will contest cannot be filed until after the testator dies, because, under the law, a person’s right to execute a will cannot be abridged. We are prepared to fight for you to get the inheritance you have expected all your life.

Heirship Dispute in Texas

Trust Contests & Trust Administration

We help stop such abuse of trust to safeguard valuable possessions in the trust through legal action. If you feel that your trust or a loved one’s trust is being mismanaged or that your trustee has abused the position, or if you have been accused as trustee of mishandling a trust, Spencer Law, P.C., can help.

Fiduciary Litigation Attorney

Defending a Will

We stand up for our clients, and will always show up in suits. We do what we can to give us the edge! When a Will you have offered for probate has been contested, we would be proud to represent you in defending its validity either by presenting evidence that it was executed properly with the decedent having his or her capacity or that there was no undue influence. We are ready to go to work for and with you to uphold the will that you believe to be the true last will of a decedent.

When you consult with Spencer Law, P.C.,

you can expect us to treat you with compassion and respect. We will give you personal service and welcome your participation in the preparation of your case. We recognize how important it is to protect the intentions of the ones you care for the most and to protect your inheritance. Our team is known for fighting to correct the injustice of an invalid will that does not reflect the decedent’s true intentions.

We will work to develop a legal strategy that will effectively address your concerns and work to resolve your issues, hopefully, through a family settlement agreement. If the opposing party is unresponsive to our requests or to amicable negotiation, we will not hesitate to pursue them aggressively in an effort to promote your best interests in court.

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Estate worth in excess of $20,000,000.00 – Under the Will, our clients entitled to zero, settled and our clients received $3,000,000.00.

Hired to recover $100,000.00 in survivorship account dispute, settled and our client received $294,000.00.

In Contest to Trust Amendment, instead of Grandchildren receiving some small personal property, settled and our clients received $421,356,96.

Successfully set aside Will as invalid in $1,100,000.00 Estate.