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Any claim that pertains to a trust, its trustee or its administration may be filed by anyone who has an interest in the trust, i.e., an "interested person," but the most common lawsuits that are filed are lawsuits to: (a) set aside the trust or a trust amendment as invalid, (b) require an accounting, (c) construe a trust, (d) appoint or seek removal of a trustee for mismanagement or breaching fiduciary duties, (e) determine a question that affects the administration of the trust, (f) ascertain beneficiaries, (g) force distribution within the distribution or discretionary standards of the trust... Read entire entry »


An "interested person" in a trust matter as defined in Section 111.004(7) of the Texas Property Code means: "a trustee, beneficiary, or any other person having an interest in or a claim against the trust or any person who is affected by the administration of the trust. Whether a person, excluding a trustee or named beneficiary, is an interested person may vary from time to time and must be determined according to the particular purposes of and matter involved in any proceeding."... Read entire entry »

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