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Bexar County (San Antonio) (2), Collin County (McKinney) (1), Dallas County (Dallas) (3), Denton County (Denton) (1), El Paso County (El Paso) (2), Galveston County (Galveston) (1), Harris County (Houston) (4), Hidalgo County (Edinburg) (1), Tarrant County (Fort Worth) (2) and Travis County (Austin) (1).... Read entire entry »


Yes, due to the affect the rulings of other courts might have on the administration and the judicial inefficiency of competing courts making rulings that affect the same administration, statutory probate courts have a special transfer power, which we informally call a "reach out and grab" power. If done timely, a statutory probate court can "reach out and grab" a case pending in another Court in any county in the state and transfer it into the same statutory probate court where the estate or guardianship is pending. In order to do so, the case has to be "related to" a probate matter already pe... Read entire entry »

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