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Intestacy Law in the State of Texas In Texas, if you die without a Will, the state of Texas writes a Will for you, and disposes of your property, generally, by marriage and blood-lines (spouses and children (blood and adopted)). Obtaining a Judgment Declaring Heirship is usually more costly than probating a Will and can delay title transfers to descendants. Having a Will admitted to Dallas Probate Court makes the process of passing property to family members much easier upon death. As an example, we are working on an Estate owning mineral interests in West Texas and the Decedent died in 1... Read entire entry »

Kevin Spencer

Testimony that he wanted to be rid of his ex-girlfriend, Manuela Herzer, saves the day for him in the lawsuit she filed to have him declared mentally incompetent. The Judge in Los Angeles Superior Court found he was able to speak, understand and respond appropriately to questions. Herzer then turned her attention to Redstone's children, filing suit against them for interfering with her inheritance. She seeks $70M. The fight continues. There is no inheritance until a person dies and, in Texas, there is no such thing as a pre-death will contest. In Texas, it is also "up-in-the-air", right now... Read entire entry »

Kevin Spencer

Having no children during either of his two marriages and with a doctor's finding that he was not able to have children, the legendary B.B. KING, apparently, had 15 children by 15 different women because he never contested paternity. He was such a loving and giving soul that every time someone claimed to be his child, he accepted it. Now, 11 of those "surviving children" are fighting to receive a share of his Estate, claiming a 2007 Trust provided for them. King's long-time manager, LaVerne Toney, who is trustee over a 2014 trust, says she is following the 2014 Trust that names the children... Read entire entry »

Kevin Spencer

Apparently, he did not believe he was going to die anytime soon. As a result, he left no Will, which means he did no estate planning, despite having an estate worth $300M+ and potentially upwards of $500M considering future income from his works and holdings. What does this mean? First, it means his property will pass to his heirs in accordance with the intestacy laws of the state of Minnesota (to his sister and half-siblings). Second, it means over half of his estate will be consumed by estate(transfer) taxes. With a $5,450,000 federal estate tax exemption, Prince will have a $294,550,000.... Read entire entry »

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